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To all our fellow Stylers.

Recently some things have changed in world of Mike & Sara, several things to be exact. These things include a heavy work schedule, lack of sleep, the inability to keep my mind on tasks at hand, health issues and most of all, lack of time to do the things that need to be done in order to make Styles & Profiles the group it deserves to be. I have been coming up short in providing what I feel it takes to properly support such an awesome group of people that is the people of Styles & Profiles.

That said, I wish to announce a major management change with Styles & Profiles. I have approached Jim (of Jimona) and asked if he would take over as moderator of the Bloomington parties and he has accepted with open arms. He will have total creative control when it comes to hosting the parties. All aspects of the parties will be his to run as he sees fit. We have agreed that the party’s basic rules and makeup will continue as they always have.

I have come upon this decision on my own, with a lot of thought and maybe even a few tears. No one has pressured me in any way. I do this because I truly love each and every one of you (the members of Styles & Profiles) and think that you deserve better than what I have to offer. Jim & Mona love the people of this group the same as I do.

Is this goodbye for Mike & Sara, HELL NO! I will still be moderating www.stylesandprofiles.com and administering the online activities of the site. We will also be attending most of the parties, providing live support for the site at the parties as well as a few other things. This will also free up time for us to actually get to know several of you on a more personal level and maybe even have a little fun.

Please join me in welcoming Jim & Mona their new management position. Please fill up the shout box and the Facebook page with your supporting messages. It’s now time for unity and rebirth for Styles & Profiles. Show your support by attending the parties and just down right having a great time doing so.

Everyone should still feel free to be able to contact us as normal, we are still here in a support roll and aren’t planning on going anywhere any time soon.

We love you all!
Mike & Sara – Styles & Profiles Admin