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About Us

Styles & Profiles is a web based community Started back in October of 2009 that is dedicated to people who are looking for other likeminded people to make friends and help create relationships & connections within the "Swinger Lifestyle" or simply "The Lifestyle". We have had nothing but sucess and great times ever since.

Styles & Profiles does this in several ways and on several different levels. If you are totally new to "The Lifestyle" or have been invloved for years, we have something for you. A few of the things we do to support "The Lifestyles" are;

  • We Provide a online community, complete with "Chat Rooms, Blog, Forums, Profiles, Friends, Photo Galleries and A Whole Lot More.
  • We provide listings of all the "Lifestyle" events, parties, gatherings, etc. throughout the Illinois region and the sorrounding area. We have several Groups, Clubs & Event services involved and more joining all the time. If you know of any groups or clubs that are not yet associated with Styles & Profiles, please help us get in contact with them and get them involved.
  • We also host members only "lifestyle" meet & greet parties in the Central Illinios area. This parties are true "Meet & Greet" parties. They are not orgies, strip parties or any other type of "'SEX" party. They are parties set-up in a layed back "Sexy", no presure, no drama atmostphere with the purpose of providing a place and a way for openminded people of the lifestyle to meet. Most parties are hosted in hotel conference rooms whice we turn into a "nightclub" type setting and usually decorated in a fun exciting theme. We always work with the hotel to help provide discounted hotels rooms for those who wish to stay overning after the party. Hotel rooms are meant for overnight stay, but what goes on behind closed doors is up to the people who occupy that room.
  • We also travel to other events throughout the region. We we do, we like to set up roadtrips and invite others to travel there with us or meet us there.

    Note: that Styles & Profiles is responsable for only Styles & Profiles hosted events. All other clubs, groups & events are ran their way and by their rules. They are not bound by our rules and you should consult those organizers if you have any questions about their events.

    Members of this site should always be descrete. They should never share with others outside the site, anything that they see on this site. Members agreed to these terms upon signing up. If you cannot hold yourself to these conditions, please cancel your membership, delete your profile & and leave the site, and even after doing all these things, do not share anything. You are still bound by the agreement you agreed to upon sign-up.